Where are you living these days?

We live in the coastal temperate rainforest of Discovery Bay, Washington. Disco Bay, for short, is a small rural community about two hours from Seattle. We've been here since the fall of 2015 and we love the proximity to the Puget Sound, and the Olympic National Park and Forest! Once in a while we enjoy a night in the big city, too. It’s a lush green wonderland, and we invite you to come visit if you haven’t already. We would love to show you the beauty.




What if I have a question?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any unanswered questions regarding travel, accommodations, the meaning of life etc. at audreylodhner@gmail.com or jaxsonwho@live.com.




Do you have a wedding registry?

We graciously request your presence at our wedding, and recognize that this is a destination away from home for all attending. The coordination, travel, and time-off required to be there is an added expense to everyone’s busy lives. Your love is the only gift we need! If you could create a new dance move we would be forever impressed and humbled. That being said, some of you will insist on showing your love with a matching set of hand towels, so here is a small registry we put together. 


Is that really Brian?

Come to the wedding, and maybe you'll find out.